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For the years 1913 & 1914, presented at the Annual Meeting, October 1914.

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The Tuttle, Morehouse, and Taylor Company


New Haven, CT


Admission of patients, Ambulance, Free bed fund, Deficit increase, Isolation pavilion, Tuberculosis annex, Tuberculosis camp, Private ward building, Superintendent, Social Service department, Kitchen equipment donation, Connecticut Training School for Nurses (CTS).


The average cost for a patient was $14.71 per week. The Hospital added two more ambulances to their service, they purchased one ambulance and Mr. Frederick Brewster donated the other ambulance. With the acquisition of additional ambulances the ambulance was able to receive more calls. In 1913 the ambulance service received 787 calls; in 1914 the ambulance service received 1046 calls. Superintendent Dr. Albert C. Thomas, retired in June 1914, and was succeeded by Dr. Simon F. Fox. The Board of Lady Visitors donated much needed kitchen equipment. The social services department has been a added benefit to both the Hospital and patients. Nursing students remain in the school for three years of study. The fiscal year was changed from December 31, to September 30.

New Haven Hospital Eighty-Seventh Annual Report of the General Hospital Society of Connecticut for the Years 1913 and 1914