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For the year 1905, presented at the Annual Meeting, January 25, 1906.

This report includes: an image of the North East and South East view of the New Haven Hospital, lists of Officers of the General Hospital Society of Connecticut, members of the Medical Board, Board of Visitors, Board of Lady Visitors, Vice-Presidents for Life, Free Bed Funds and a Report of the Directors given by the Prudential Committee. The report begins with Admission of Patient guidelines. Medical statistics include medical and surgical cases from January 1, 1905 through December 31, 1905, lists of operations, number of births, and causes of death. General statistics related to admissions, nativity of patients, age, occupation, and town included. Financial statistics for the hospital and donations received reported. The report concludes with the Report of the Board of Visitors, Board of Lady Visitors and a report on the Connecticut Training School for Nurses.

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The Tuttle, Morehouse, and Taylor Company


New Haven, CT


Admission of patients, Free bed fund, Laundry room, Maternity building, Gifford wing, 3 East, Steam heating, Plumbing, Telephone system, Dietary program, Tuberculosis ward, Superintendent James R. Coddington, Mrs. H.M. Stevens, Mrs. M. Pierson, Kindergarten instruction, Soldier patients, Ambulance, Hospital Aid Society, Connecticut Training School for Nurses (CTS).


The enlargement and renovation of the laundry room was completed. The plumbing in various wards and buildings have been upgraded. The steam heating in 3 East have been replaced and renewed. The house telephones have also been worked on and upgraded. The fixed dietary plan has been abandoned and the purchase of food is based on food availability. The average cost for a patients was $11.94 per week. Soldier patient census has decreased. The ambulance received 595 calls. Nursing students remain in the school for three years of study.

New Haven Hospital Seventy-Ninth Annual Report for the Year 1905