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For the years 1959-1960. Year ending September 30, 1960.

This report includes a list of Officers, Board of Directors, Committees of the Board, and Executive Staff. A detailed report is provided by Albert W. Snoke, M.D., Executive Director of the Hospital. There are Comparative Statistics related to patients and Outpatient Department Clinic Visits. Financial information contained in the Statement of Income and Expense Reports and Balance Sheets. Lists of staff for Medical, House Staff, Clinical Fellows, and the Department of Nursing. As well as the Grace-New Haven School of Nursing, Licensed Practical Nurse Program, University of Connecticut School of Nursing, and Yale University School of Nursing.

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Progress Fund. Psychiatric Unit. Clinical Chemistry Laboratory. Dental Clinic. Financing. Welfare patients. Pediatric Cardiac Clinic. Connecticut Mental Health Center.


Many details in this report about hospital expansion in various areas and the needs for more patient beds. The Community and University staff have been combined into a single Medical Staff.

Grace-New Haven Community Hospital Annual Report 1959 - 1960