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For the Year 1955, this annual report is for the Hospital Family, Board of Directors, Medical and Administrative Staff and individuals interested in the Grace – New Haven Community Hospital.

This report includes lists of Officers of the Grace – New Haven Community Hospital, Officers of the Hospital, and a Report of the President, given by the Executive Committee. Medical statistics include medical and surgical cases from September, 1954 through September 30, 1955, lists of operations, admissions, discharges, departmental services, number of births, and causes of death. Financial statistics for the hospital of income and expenses. The report concludes with a listing of medical staff.

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A.W. Snoke, Medical techniques, Diet manual, William Wirt Winchester laboratories, Blood bank, Medical techniques, Nursing shortage, New Haven Unit renovations, Parking, Grace New Haven School of Nursing.


There were 23,997 patients admitted during the fiscal year. The hospital was the most active since the merger, with the increase of patients and operating expense. Due to the new medical techniques being used, the amount of days that the patients stay has decreased. There were several areas that have been renovated including: Emergency Room/Surgical Clinic, William Wirt Winchester Laboratories, Blood Banks and garbage disposals have been installed.

Grace-New Haven Community Hospital Annual Report 1954 - 1955