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Grace-New Haven Community Hospital, 1947-1949

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Connecticut Hospital Association, State Welfare Patients, Standard Accounting, Workmen’s Compensation Payments, Blue Cross, William Wirt Winchester Hospital, animal house, laboratories, Psychiatric Out-Patient Clinic, Sterling Power Plant, Isolation Patients, laboratories, Rooming-In, Natural Childbirth, Chronic Care and Rehabilitation Program, Physical Therapy, Residency Program, Grace Ward, Dietary, Purchasing, Maintenance, Personnel Department, pension, Social Services, anesthesia, laundry, Dispensary, Grace-New Haven Community Hospital School of Nursing, Nursing Service licensed trained attendant, radiology, volunteers, Information Services, switchboard and telephone services, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy.


This is a summary of the consolidation between the Grace Hospital and New Haven Hospitals over the last few years. This is a very detailed annual report and should be consulted for specific information regarding departments or services. The William Wirt Winchester Hospital sold to the United States Government on July 15, 1948 to become the Veteran’s Tuberculosis and General Medical and Surgical Hospital. The joining of Grace Hospital and New Haven Hospitals have created two medical services, a General Medical Service designed primarily for Community Physicians and a University Medical Service for teaching and service programs of Yale University.

Grace-New Haven Community Hospital Annual Report 1947 - 1949