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For the year 1945, presented at the Annual Meeting, June 30, 1945.

This report includes lists of Officers of the General Hospital Society of Connecticut, members of the Medical Board, Board of Visitors, Vice-Presidents for Life, Free Bed Funds and Permanent Funds, and a Report of the Directors given by the Executive Committee. The report includes medical statistics include medical and surgical cases from July 1, 1944 through June 30, 1945, lists of operations, number of births, and causes of death. General statistics related to admissions, nativity of patients, age, occupation, and town included. Financial statistics for the hospital and donations received reported. The report concludes with the New Haven Hospital Honor Roll.

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Yale University Press


New Haven, CT


World War II, William Wirt Winchester, Dispensary, U.S. cadet nurses, Volunteers, Grace-New Haven Community Hospital, Admission program, Ambulance calls, Connecticut Hospital Service Inc., Nursing shortage, Free bed fund, Connecticut Training School for Nurses, Yale University School of Nursing.


There were 12,015 patients treated during the fiscal year. The William Wirt Winchester Hospital served the US Army Air Force for six months and the military honor roll has increased. There has been a huge nursing shortage from the war effort. Volunteer services have contributed a large amount of hours to the Hospital. On July 16, 1945, Grace Hospital and the General Hospital Society have consolidated into Grace-New Haven Community Hospital.

General Hospital Society of Connecticut 1944 - 1945