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For the Year 1892, presented at the Annual Meeting January 26, 1893.

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Tuttle, Morehouse and Taylor


New Haven, CT


Admission for patients, Free bed fund, Small pox, Month isolation, Ellen M. Gifford home for incurable, Gifford Chapel, Ambulance, Renovated wards, Steam engine fans, Ambulance, Contagious disease hospital, Elevator, Mr. E.M. Reed, Connecticut Training School for Nurses (CTS).


The hospital dealt with a small pox outbreak, the first case was in November. The hospital was put into quarantine for twelve days, but at that point the disease had spread to thirteen people (2 deaths). The hospital was then put into a longer quarantine for a total of thirty days. The patients that contracted the disease were very mild, and all forty four patients were discharged. The Ellen M. Gifford home for incurable and the Gifford Chapel was completed and open on July 14, 1893. For several years, there was a need for an elevator, but the cost is very high to install one. Mr. E.M. Reed, one of the directors passed away. The average cost for patients$8.46 per week.

Sixty-Sixth Annual Report of the Directors of the General Hospital Society of Connecticut