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For the year 1891, presented at the Annual Meeting, January 28, 1892.

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Tuttle, Morehouse and Taylor


New Haven, CT


Philip Marett Free Bed Fund, Henry F. English Free Bed Fund, new steam plant, boiler room, Dr. James K. Thacher, Dr. Levi Ives, Mayor Henry G. Lewis, kindergarten teacher, Connecticut Training School for Nurses.


1034 patients treated in the past year. Daily average number of patients 103.7. Cost per patient per week is $7.76. The ambulance responded to 152 calls. Improvements to the hospital include a new bathroom and closets for ward 3 East, a large plate glass window in the Farnam ward, and the telephone system extending into the superintendent’s house. The superintendent’s house was relocated to make room for a future ward. A new steam plant is to be added to the hospital to supply steam for heating, power, and cooking to the present buildings. Dr. James K. Thacher, attending physician from 1883 until 1891, died on April 20, 1891. Dr. Levi Ives, attending physician from 1845 until 1864, died on November 30, 1891. Mayor Henry G. Lewis, board member since 1863, died on December 25, 1891. Included in this report is an annual summary of patients from years 1867 through 1891. Mrs. Nichols the housekeeper has resigned.

Sixty-Fifth Annual Report of the Directors of the General Hospital Society of Connecticut