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For the year 1889, presented at the Annual Meeting, January 30, 1890.

This report includes an image of the Eastern View of New Haven Hospital, guidelines for the Admission of patients, lists of Officers of the General Hospital Society of Connecticut for 1890, members of the Medical Board, Board of Visitors, Vice-Presidents for Life, and other members. There is also a list of past officers and their terms, including corporators, presidents, vice presidents, treasurers, and secretaries. There is a list of Free Beds and Permanent Funds, as well as a Form of Bequest. The report of the Directors is given by the Prudential Committee. The Report of the Medical Board includes medical cases, births, surgical cases, surgical operations, gynecological report and operations, and causes of death. Within the Superintendent’s Report there are general statistics related to finances, one can find a list of costs of food and supplies here. Follows are the Treasurer’s Report and an Appendix containing a list of Donations. General statistics include monthly admissions, age, nativity, class, and occupation of patient, and an annual summary. The report concludes with the Report of the Board of Visitors, Report of the Board of Lady Visitors, and a Report of the Connecticut Training School for Nurses.

Publication Date



Tuttle, Morehouse and Taylor


New Haven, CT


Free Bed Fund, Philip Marett, Ellen M. Gifford, Ellen M. Gifford’s Home for Incurables, Connecticut Training School for Nurses.


876 patients treated in the past year. Daily average number of patients 100.7. Cost per patient per week is $7.47. Each year acute cases are growing as chronic cases become fewer. Statistics for the average number of weeks spent in the hospital per patient for years 1883-1889. The hospital is debt free this year. There were 84 ambulance calls over the past year. The late Philip Marett, and his deceased daughter, Ellen M. Gifford leave money to the Free Bed Fund. Ellen Gifford requests that a building is opened in her name to be known as the Ellen M. Gifford’s Home for Incurables.

Waterbury Hospital has opened recently, therefore there might be fewer patients coming to New Haven for treatment. The Board of Visitor’s request the following additions to the hospital: an elevator, separate bathrooms for employees, stand pipes with hoses attached to be placed in the corridors in case of fires, and a boiler house be built. Additional money donated toward the Dr. Thomas Wells Memorial Free Bed and money left to the hospital by H.M. Welch.

Sixty-Third Annual Report of the Directors of the General Hospital Society of Connecticut