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For the Year 1884, presented at the Annual Meeting, January 29, 1885.

Report contains a list of officers of the General Hospital Society of CT. Report includes statistical information of patients treated at the hospital, provided by the medical board including: diagnoses, operations, and obstetrics report. Also included is the free bed fund. There are reports of Board of Visitors, Board of lady visitors, Superintendent, donations, appendix is admission of patients and Connecticut Training School for Nurses.

Publication Date



Tuttle, Morehouse and Taylor


New Haven, CT


Free bed fund, Patients increase, Ventilation improvements, Dr. C. Moses, Dr. Francis Bacon, Soldier patients, Superintendent Mrs. Creemer, Summer isolation tents, Fitch home Norton, Application of patients, Fire extinguishers.


Dr. Francis Bacon and Dr. C. Moses developed an improved ventilation plan. Soldiers with non-life threatening injuries have been continually been transferred to the Fitch home Norton. The average cost for patients per week is $6.75. The average cost for marine soldiers for a week was $7.00. The hospital purchased a 14x16 tent, to used as an overflow isolation area, when the pavilions were full in the summer months. Connecticut Training School for Nurses hired a new Superintendent, Mrs. Creemer. The board has been concerned of the hospital and risk of fire. To help combat the risk, they have recommended the purchase of hand grenades, fire extinguishers and stand pipes, also the removal of the paint shop from the hospital.

Fifty-Eighth Annual Report of the Directors of the General Hospital Society of Connecticut