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Medical Doctor (MD)



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Jennifer Moliterno


Frailty refers to an overall decreased state of health characterized by diminished reserves and resistance to stressors linked with adverse health outcomes. Although existing studies have explored the relationship between frailty and specific postoperative outcomes, its association with longitudinal outcomes and tumor characteristics remains poorly understood. We sought to explore correlations between the modified frailty index (mFI), Karnofsky Performance Scale (KPS), and other outcomes in meningioma patients. Preoperative and postoperative KPS were calculated for patients who underwent surgery for sporadic meningioma. The 11-point mFI was used to assess preoperative frailty summarized as aggregate frailty (AF) with neurological frailty (NF) and medical frailty (MF) subcomponents. mFI was categorized as non-frail, mild, and severe to assess impact (non-frail vs frail) and severity (mild vs severe). A total of 323 intracranial meningiomas from 301 patients were included in our analysis. Lower preoperative KPS was associated with frailty (pn


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