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Medical Doctor (MD)



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John Geibel


Aim: Over a quarter of all burn admissions in the United States are children

Method: We reviewed the records of all burn patients presenting to Level 1 Pediatric Trauma Center (PTC) and transferred to the BC over a 2-year period before and after institution of a policy requiring Telehealth based review of burn injury (February 2015).

Results: 59 patients were included, 31 prior to telemedicine implementation and 28 after. The majority of burns were scald (73%) or contact (20%). Median TBSA burn was 5% in the first reporting period and 4% in the second. PTS estimation of burn size was significantly greater than BC estimation both before and after institution of telemedicine review (p=0.0001) but demonstrated improved correlation after policy implementation (R=0.57 vs R=0.95). Length of stay (LOS) was decreased from 3.1 days to 1.5 days, associated with an increase in referrals to the outpatient burn clinic.

Conclusion: The institution of telemedicine based burn evaluation improved the triage accuracy of pediatric burns and resulted in a decrease in hospital LOS and increase in outpatient referrals and treatment plans.