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Medical Doctor (MD)



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Brittany G. Craiglow

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Brett A. King


Alopecia areata (AA) negatively impacts health-related quality of life (HRQoL) among adults. The effect of AA on HRQoL among children and family members of affected individuals has not been well described. This study aims to explore the impact of AA on adults and children and their families. A prospective questionnaire assessing HRQoL among AA patients and family members was distributed at a National Alopecia Areata Foundation conference and to their listserv. Outcome measures included Dermatology Life Quality Index (DLQI), Children’s DLQI (CDLQI), Family DLQI (FDLQI), and screens for depression. Overall, 292 adults and 91 children with AA and 229 family members were included. AA negatively impacted both affected adults and children (mean DLQI 7.7, CDLQI 6.3). 77.1% of adults and 78.1% of children reported impaired HRQoL. Increasing age in adults (p=0.0148) and a history of being seen by a mental health provider in children (p=0.00757) were associated with poor HRQoL. For parents of children with AA, spending >$5000 on treatments was associated with poor HRQoL (p=0.00128). Limitations include missing data and lack of a control group. In conclusion, children and adults with AA experience poor HRQoL. The negative effects of AA reach beyond those with AA, and family members also experience poor HRQoL.