Call for Papers

Call for Papers: YJMR Vol. 6, no. 1:

This general issue of YJMR invites articles on any topic relating to music and religion. Please contact editor-in-chief Jeffers Engelhardt with questions about possible submission topics: jengelhardt-at-amherst.edu. The submission deadline for completed manuscripts is September 1, 2019.

Coming Soon: YJMR Vol. 5, no. 2: Music, Sound, and the Aurality of the Environment in the Anthropocene: Spiritual and Religious Perspectives

Guest Editor, Kate Galloway (Wesleyan University)

Yale Journal of Music & Religion invites articles for a special issue examining connections between music, sound, aurality, and the environment in global expressions of spirituality and religious activity. Examining how environments, places, and nature are approached as sites endowed with spiritual and religious significance, this issue focuses on the intersections of music, sound, religion, and the environment. Possible topics include: religious music that promotes environmental ethics and sustainability; nonhuman musicality and sonic agency; site-specific music used to voice religious perspectives; music and healing following environmental trauma; applied ethnomusicology and public musicology in environmental leadership and volunteerism; and the performance of religious music at environmentalist festivals, rallies, and protests.


Please contact the editors with any other questions.