James W. Toumey

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The purpose of this bulletin is to describe the Yale Demonstration and Research Forest near Keene, New Hampshire. It is a contribution toward the solution of various forestry problems that confront the owners of growing timber in southern New Hampshire. The forestry conditions herein described and the methods of management on this Forest, together with costs and receipts since 1913 when the Forest was established, supply a fund of information to private owners of forest land in southern New Hampshire and provide a basis for the possible establishment of silvicultural practice in their own holdings with due regard for the local economic conditions.


PROFESSOR JAMES W. TOUMEY [1865-1932], author of this report, died at his home in New Haven on May 6,1932, aged 67 years. As he was ill for only a short time, he had had opportunity to read and revise the proof sheets of this bulletin, the thirty-third in a series begun in 1912. It is worthy of note that, of these publications, Professor Toumey was author or co-author of eight, while seven others represent the work of his students.

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