Ralph C. Hawley

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In October, 1905, several permanent sample plots were in the white pine type near Keene, New Hampshire, by the United States Forest Service in cooperation with the Faulkner and Colony Manufacturing Company on lands owned by the latter. The purpose of the investigation was to study some effects of thinnings and of partial (shelterwood) cuttings for establishing natural regeneration. The plots were remeasured in 1909 and again in 1915 by representatives of the United States Forest Service, but after the 1915 measurement they were turned over to the Yale School of Forestry.* In 1920, 1925, 1930, and 1935 the plots were remeasured. Subsequent to the 1920 remeasurement a was published as Bulletin 7 of the Yale School of Forestry, and in 1927 a Second Report appeared as Bulletin· 20 of the same series. More than thirty years have now elapsed since the experiment was started, and the purpose for which it was initiated has in large measure been accomplished. The plots will, however, continue to be maintained as demonstrations of thinning practice and natural seeding:

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