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In the course of gathering material for a study of the Aegean avifauna, I was able to collect during March and April, 1960, in south and west Asia Minor. The areas visited extended from Tarsus, Icel, and Pozanti, Seyhan, along the south coast to Mugla and up the west coast to Bursa. Some of the regions visited have been little collected during the early spring. This fresh material revealed that the populations of some species in this area were markedly different from other known populations nearby. Therefore, the following descriptions of new subspecies are presented. The distinctness of some of these populations suggests that biogeographic studies of the Asia Minor avifauna may be rewarding in terms of elucidating eastern Mediterranean late Pleistocene refugia (cf Kosswig, 1955, Syst. Zool. 4: 49-73, 96).