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The Yale Peabody Museum has acquired recently by exchange with the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, a considerable segment of the bird collections made by Mr. S. M. Klages. This series, amounting to 4,389 specimens, represents the major part of an original collection of 5,000 specimens purchased by the Cleveland Museum from the Carnegie Museum of Pittsburg shortly after it had been made in the early nineteen-twenties. The collection consists of specimens from French Guiana and from the States of Para and Amazonas in Brazil. Many of the taxonomic papers of Mr. W. E. C. Todd of the Carnegie Museum have of course been based on specimens from the Klages collections, the major parts of which are still housed in the Carnegie Museum. No general report has been written on the collection as a whole, although some of the areas included in this collection have received detailed treatment by authors on other material, most recently the comprehensive paper by Count Gyldenstolpe on the avifauna of the Rio Purús in western Amazonia (1951, Ark. för Zool., Ser. 2, 2, no. 1).