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Traditionally,the Bermudian amphipod fauna has included three species of Maera. After examining collections that span more than 10 years, we retain one species, M. tinkerensis; report a second species, M. quadrimana, as a verified record for the Atlantic; and describe four new species: M. ceres, M. miranda, M. ariel, and M. caliban. Discussion of M. quadrimana sensu lato, M. pacifica and M. rathbunae clarifies their taxonomic status and their relationship to the Bermudian fauna. Maera tinkerensis resides within the grossimana complex of species, and the other five species reside within the quadrimana complex. The zoogeographical implications of these morphological "complex" alignments are briefly considered. We provide data on habitat preferences and a key to the six species of Maera now recognized from Bermuda.