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The Hippoglossoides platessoides skeleton is described and figured; for these purposes 17 specimens were observed. Study material was prepared by fleshing and disarticulation or by clearing and staining. Skull lengths of the specimens examined ranged from 27 to 68 mm and total lengths from 181 to 851 mm. Paired lacrymals constitute the only suborbital elements, although canal ossicles occur on both sides. A single nasal houses a portion of the supraorbital lateral-line canal of the right eye. Right elements of the oromandibular region are anterior and ventral to their left counterparts. Three left jaw bones, premaxillary, maxillary and dentary, are longer than the right elements. Tooth-bearing structures are represented by the premaxillaries, dentaries, pharyngobranchials (2-4) and ceratobranchials (5). The spine of the neural process of the first trunk vertebra extends well above the cranium whereas its arch in part lies sessile on the second centrum. Additional pleural and epipleural ribs may be found on the right side. Lateral apophyses are confined to the right side but arise from trunk and caudal centra. The specialized caudal skeleton consists of 18 branched lepidotrichs, 1 parhypural, 2 hypural plates and 2 epurals.