Merging 500 Cities and Connecticut Data on Health Equity

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Research Report

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The "Merging 500 Cities and Connecticut Data on Health Equity" report identifies significant health disparities within New Haven. It highlights the variations in preventive care, chronic diseases, and health behaviors across different neighborhoods, correlating these disparities with socioeconomic conditions. The report underscores the need for targeted interventions to address social determinants of health in New Haven to improve overall health equity.


The "Merging 500 Cities and Connecticut Data for Health Equity" report by DataHaven integrates comprehensive data from the CDC's 500 Cities project and Connecticut state sources to highlight health disparities across various demographics. This report highlights the significant impact of social determinants on health outcomes, emphasizing disparities in chronic disease prevalence, mental health, and access to healthcare services. Key findings reveal stark differences in health metrics between urban and rural areas, as well as among different racial and socioeconomic groups. The report advocates for targeted interventions and policies to address these inequities, with a focus on improving data collection and community engagement to inform public health strategies

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Healthcare; Mental Health and Wellness; Disease

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