George Veronis


Henry Sears led a remarkably varied life centered on a love of sailing, racing and fishing. Even as a youngster he spent considerable time at sea because he had asthma and in those days sea air was considered beneficial for one with that ailment. He owned a Swampscott Dory at the age of eight and soon afterwards was sailing a 30-footer from Boston to the Maine coast. His education was unusual. It seems that he was dyslexic, although at the time of his birth dyslexia was not identified as such. During his childhood his family spent three months of the year in each of four locations: Boston, Paris, Beverly (MA) and Bryn Mawr. Sears spoke French fluently. The family traveled with tutors, so for much of his early life he was tutored, as was his sister, Mrs. Henry Cabot Lodge, with whom he lived during part of his teens. He spent part of the period from 1920 to 1925 in Europe where he was schooled at the Ecole Gory in Paris in 1923 and he attended St. Mark’s School in Southborough, MA, from 1928 to 1930. He left St. Mark’s in 1930 announcing his intention to study at Brooks School, but the latter has no record of him. Therefore, there is a real probability that his formal education ended at St. Mark’s, even though many accounts report him as having studied oceanography at Yale.