Black smoker type hydrothermal venting was discovered in July 1985 at the TAG hydrothermal field in the rift valley of the Mid Atlantic Ridge near 26N. We present here, the first methane profiles in the seawater column over this black smoker along with methane profiles away from the black smokers for comparison. The CH4 plume, spreading over 400 m above the seafloor, shows a maximum concentration of 105 nl/l at 3450 m (238 m above the bottom), correlated with a positive temperature anomaly (0.02°C). CH4 concentrations up to 2422 nl/l, correlated with a huge positive increase of in situ temperature (0.349°C), have been measured in samples taken 5 m above the sea floor, showing an important CH4 input in this slow spreading site which is similar to inputs from fast spreading sites like the East Pacific Rise.