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Working Paper 8


Platinum is a strategic resource for the world economy and appears to be unsubstitutable in many of its uses. As a consequence, establishing its life cycle and quantifying net increases and decreases may serve as a basis for detecting lifecycle wide opportunities for increasing recycling and reuse of platinum. With this aim, we have characterized the platinum cycle for the Russian Federation for the year 2000. It was found that most of the platinum produced in Russia was exported immediately(21,300 kg Pt/yr (82%)), while the remainder was stockpiled (2,200 kg Pt/yr (8.5%)) or used domestically (2,450 kg Pt/yr, (9.4%)). Russia has a continuing reliance on fabricated platinum imports (1,600 kg Pt/yr). Recovery of platinum from waste and scrap is undeveloped, although there are significant domestic sources, particularly the military sector.