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Open Access Thesis

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Medical Doctor (MD)

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Dr. Luigi Mastroianni, Jr.


[From the Summary] Ten rabbits were fitted with an apparatus for the continuous collection of oviduct fluid. A uniform rate of secretion was maintained for several days. Eight rabbits were then successfully mated. Five mated animals, found to be pregnant, showed a drop in the secretory rate to one-half the initial rate. Two mated animals, thought to be pseudopregnant, showed a drop in secretory rate to two-thirds and three-fifths of the initial rate. One mated animal, found to be neither pregnant nor pseudopregnant, showed no drop in secretory rate. We ma conclude, therefore, that there is a reduction of the secretory rate of the rabbit oviduct in pregnancy to approximately one-half its rate prior to mating. Preliminary data concerning the composition of oviduct fluid in the rabbit are presented.


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