The Yale Day of Data Sustainability Data Hack happened on October 30th and 31st, 2017, in the Institution for Social and Policy Studies.

Yale students and other affiliates came together to answer a series of questions related to Yale's institutional data and our sustainability: How environmentally friendly is Yale? How much fuel does a large academic institution use? What about the University's waste management?

During the Sustainability Data Hack, participants had the opportunity to probe these questions. We had sessions for attendees on Open Refine, Tableau, and other tools that they could use to create visualizations, clean data, and tell stories about Yale's institutional data. Participants also met with data stakeholders and stewards to learn more about the data needs within Yale's departments and how the Data Hack might help them look at their data in a different way.

This event was a follow-up to the Day of Data, held annually during the fall semester. The Data Hack was sponsored by the Yale University Library, the Institution for Social and Policy Studies, the School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, Yale College Environmental Studies, and the Center for Research Computing.

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